Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review

Tackling the space between the entry- and mid-market handsets

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review
The Galaxy Ace is reborn, but how does it match up to the original?

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review

With the intuitive yet uninspiring combination of Google's Android 2.3 OS and Sammy's TouchWiz 4.0 UI running the show, the Ace 2's contacts features are much of the same with the generic Android fair offering a simple, intuitive collection of features that allow for ease of use but fail to set the device apart from an of its rivals.

With the handset's contact options accessible via a dedicated application shortcut that can be found in the centralised apps menu or pinned to one of the device's seven available homescreens, the Ace 2 sees the standard alphabetical sorting system list all stored contacts in a simple to navigate, well laid out manner.

Further enhancing the usability of the device, users can view communications histories for individual contacts.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review

Although it is possible to port contacts from social streams such as Facebook to create a centralised port of communication between all friends, colleagues, family and general acquaintances, doing so annoyingly creates duplicates of contacts brought across from the SIM card and the assigned Google account meaning a time-consuming period of joining contacts is necessary to ensure a clean, efficient and user friendly contacts store is available.

Whilst it is simple to pair these duplicated contents, it is an annoyance that should be avoided and which will see a selection of replicated content and communication options remain despite a lengthy period of amends.

Somewhat easier is the process required to add a new contact with a simplistic, easy to follow entry form offering a fool proof method of input for intuitive use.


Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review

Despite a number of recent entry-level and mid-range smartphone offerings overlooking the basic calling aspects of the handset in favour of more advanced bells and whistles, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 partners a broad collection of impressive hardware features with an impressive base function.

Featuring strong signal and clear audio during calls, the Ace 2's calling features are let down only by the handset's lack of noise isolation characteristics that can result in background noises on occasion leaking through to calls and become overwhelming.

This was especially noticeable when the person on the other end of the line is in an area of busy, fast moving traffic or where it is windy. The basic Android dial features for call making away from the dedicated contacts list.