Motorola Defy+ review

Motorola has updated its deceptively solid Defy ready for the Christmas smartphone buying frenzy – but has it done enough to make us want one?

Motorola Defy+
This is the upgraded model of the original Motorola Defy

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Motorola has not done anything to beef up the video recorder on the new Defy+. Shooting is stuck at a top resolution of 640 x 480 which is frankly woeful. Saving graces are that there is a widescreen shooting mode, and fast and slow modes too, which are both rather fun to use.

A basic full res video that suffers a bit from inability to cope with a bright sky even though the video was shot quite early in the morning with relatively low light levels.

Mucking about with fast and slow motion shooting proved to be fun

In fact we liked the fast and slow motion modes so much that we experimented with them quite a bit.