Motorola Defy+ review

Motorola has updated its deceptively solid Defy ready for the Christmas smartphone buying frenzy – but has it done enough to make us want one?

Motorola Defy+
This is the upgraded model of the original Motorola Defy

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The camera on the Motorola Defy+ shoots stills at resolutions to 5 megapixels, and there is a single LED flash to help with low light shooting. There's no side button to launch the camera software, and you shouldn't expect a great deal by way of sophistication.

There are several effects: black and white, negative, sepia and solarise are joined by red, green and blue tints. There are also some preset scene modes: portrait, landscape, sports, night portrait, sunset, macro and steady shot.

Perhaps more interestingly there's a widescreen shooting mode, and in video, fast and slow motion shooting.

Defy+ camera sample 1

Early on a winter morning can be a difficult time for camera phones but the Motorola Defy+ copes fairly well. The sky is over exposed, but the water is handled quite well.

Defy+ camera sample 2

On auto shooting mode the movement of water here is captured nicely and this is an acceptable photo

Defy+ camera sample 3

When we take the same photo using widescreen mode you can see how much more width there is to the shot. There are times when this shooting mode could be handy for framing a photo just right

Defy+ camera sample 4

Macro mode shooting doesn't let you get in quite as close as we'd like, but the results can still be quite impressive

Defy+ camera sample 5

Indoors the camera responds quite well as long as there is a fair amount of ambient lighting