Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 review

Samsung's mid-size tablet tries to close the mid-range hole in their handheld lineup

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Other than the screen, this is where this tablet really bowled us over. Besides everything else that is buried under the hood, Samsung managed to slip in some sort of magical battery that could be powered by fairy dust or Mr. Fusion for all we know. Because, make no mistake, it does work wonders. Namely, the wonder of managing to last much longer than we would ever expect a mobile device's battery to last.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 7 Verizon

Case in point was one of our initial trial runs with the tablet, which consisted of a lot of Netflix streaming and game playing. The tablet lasted nearly 12 hours before we had to recharge it, which is fairly remarkable. That's with heavy network usage as well. Samsung promises standby times of up to 1200 hours (on 3G), talk times of up to 27 hours (3G) or six hours (video call), and 10 hours of video (spot on with our results) and up to 50 hours of just playing music.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 7 Verizon

It's a 5,100mAh battery that does all of this, and you'll want to make sure you use the included adapter that utilizes a USB cable to the dock connector on the other end. It does support trickle charging from a USB powered device, like a laptop, but note it will take much longer to fully charge the battery that way.

Still, we were handily impressed that this device could give us this much power in such a thin package. You could easily take this on a flight from LA to NY, and still have plenty of juice left when you reach your destination.