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Google Nexus 10 review
The definitive Google Nexus 10 review

The Google Nexus 10 has a 5 megapixel camera, along with a secondary 1.9 megapixel front-facing snapper. As ever we're really not sure how useful having a camera on a tablet is.

The front facing camera makes some sense as it could be used for Skype and other webcam things, but we have trouble envisioning anyone taking their tablet out to snap pictures on. If anything the front camera should maybe get a boost in quality, even if it meant dropping the megapixel count on the rear camera.

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Using the Nexus 10 has done nothing to change our minds about the usefulness of a camera on a tablet. It managed to capture some reasonable quality snaps but nothing particularly eye catching.

In fact, it can't even match the camera performance of most high-end smartphones, which really makes it a bit pointless, since a smartphone is both more portable and by extension more likely to be with you when you're out and about. Plus taking pictures on a tablet inevitably leaves you looking ridiculous.

Google Nexus 10 review

Still, if you do decide to use your Nexus 10 as a camera there are at least a few different settings to play with. You can turn flash on or off and pick between a handful of scene modes, such as 'action' and 'night'. There's also a panorama mode and the big new feature - 'Photo Sphere'.

Photo Sphere extends the panorama idea by letting you take full 360 degree photo's, which can then be viewed in a similar way to Google's 'Street View' service- letting you look up, down and around. In practice- like panorama shots, it's a series of connected photos.

Unlike panorama it doesn't always look particularly seamless with odd distortions often appearing in the image where someone has moved or photos have overlapped. Still, it's a neat concept and a decent way of bringing a scene to life for those times when video is just too 2011.

Google Nexus 10 Outside 1 sample

The camera produces natural colours and a decent amount of detail- but never threaten 'proper' phones or cameras.

Click here for the full resolution image

Google Nexus 10 Indoor Flash Sample

The camera continues to perform well when used indoors with flash

Click here for the full resolution image

Google Nexus 10 Indoors No-Flash Sample

Without flash even quite well lit interiors appear dark.

Click here for the full resolution image

Google Nexus 10 Traffic

Even when using action mode 30mph traffic comes out blurred.

Click here for the full resolution image

Google Nexus 10 Night

Without night mode the camera struggles to pick out anything in the dark but does flood with orange light.

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Google Nexus 10 Panorama

Panorama mode works well with quite pleasing results, although takes 20 seconds to process.

Click here for the full resolution image

Google Nexus 10 Photo Sphere

Click here for the full resolution image

We're not sure whether Photo Sphere is much more than a novelty, but we reckon there will be occasions where it's of some use. Taking a Photo Sphere image takes a lot longer than a single photo or even a panorama- so if time is of the essence then you're better off resisting.


The Google Nexus 10 can shoot video in full HD 1080p, but as with the camera we struggled to muster much enthusiasm for it, as we can't think of many occasions when we'd find ourselves reaching for our tablet to film on rather than our phone.

Again, the one real exception is the front-facing camera, as we could see that getting some use for Skype and the like, but the main video camera, not so much. Still, with just about every other tablet on the planet packing photo and video capabilities Google and Samsung would be foolish to omit it from this.

The video camera's performance roughly matches photos when used indoors. It captures solid quality footage and doesn't take long to refocus when panning.

The video camera manages a reasonable amount of detail in outdoor scenes, though some of that is lost on objects in the background. Fast moving vehicles appear slightly blurred but don't come out too bad.