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Fatal1ty Gaming Headset review

The latest Fatal1ty-branded product

Our Verdict

Offering very decent sound quality for a mere £30, these cans punch well above their weight


  • Long-term comfort

    Quality audio

    Handy detachable mic


  • Iffy aesthetics?

Not that any of us round here really care for Wendell's moniker palstered all over our gear, but it has to be said that the products that bear his name are all pretty good. The Zalman Fatal1ty chassis was a real beauty; ABIT's line of Fatal1ty boards have been high performers all, and of course, Creative's peerless X-Fi sound cards have also borne the cheeky fella's name.

The latest in the line is the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset from Creative, and what a great set of cans it is. Alright, so the red-and-black branding may not appeal to all, but it's the sound quality and comfort that really count here, and here's where this headset really scores.

£30 is hardly breaking the bank, and the sound quality is potent. There's resonant bass and a punchy midrange, crisp tones in voice comms, and reasonable separation between voices.

The padding on the headband and ear cups is a blessing - it really feels like the set is hugging your noggin. There's plenty of space for your lugs in the cups too. There's a volume control on the cable, and the mic can be clipped in or removed - although as it's mounted on a bendy cable, you can wind it out of the way if need be. Neat design, great sound, 'nuff said.