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RotoKiller RTR-720 Mk II review

When is a mouse not a mouse?

Unfortunately this mouse doesn't look anything like a mouse should

Our Verdict

While definitely an interesting design, this mouse does not do anything to help, you know, like a mouse should...


  • We suppose it is innovative


  • Difficult


There are times when innovation is necessary, and times when it isn't. For example, it would be innovative to design a plane with no wings, but a three month crawl to Tokyo doesn't boast the glamour of actually flying. The Mark II RTR-720 gaming mouse is certainly innovative, but it's also a poor idea.

For a start, it's circular and the cable comes out at an uncomfortable angle, meaning it's extremely difficult to work out whether the damned thing is straight. The buttons provide no tactile feedback and instead the mouse makes an irritating beeping sound to let you know when you've pressed one - it's no substitute.

Infuriatingly, there's no scrollwheel, so you have to configure the grip buttons (which are invariably pressed by accident just by holding the mouse) in order to change weapons. It also looks like something a Dalek just shat.