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Logitech MX 610 Laser Cordless review

Stunning control and a wonderful range of functions

Our Verdict

So much good thinking has gone into this mouse you should just go and buy it.


  • Stellar handling

    Media buttons

    Huge wireless range

    Very comfortable

    Left/right sideways tilt

The MX 610 is a right-handed mouse contoured for excellent tactility.

On the right-hand lip and flank are easy-to-use media control buttons, including a volume control, go-to-email-client selector, and two other programmable options. These buttons are small enough so as not to be in the way but large enough to be used freely.

The scroll wheel has left and right tilt functions together with one down click, and feels very well built. The two main buttons are curved across their axis and beautifully moulded from one piece of plastic. The unit curves and twists ergonomically.

The sides are coated in a thin rubber for better grip and there's a handy on-top battery level indicator. All in, the MX 610 has the satisfying feel of a wellconstructed tool and its performance matches its appearance.

It could still control the desktop from a range of, well, let's just say we stopped counting when we reached the other side of the office. It made it to 40 feet without much bother. Why you would need more range than that (presentations at the UN maybe?) is beyond us.

This will improve battery life no end. The strategy from Logitech seems to have sprung from the realisation that short battery life impedes sales. Perhaps this will spark a trend towards less flashy mice. The MX 610 is a clear winner; the only drawback is the high price. But for the price of a few extra newspapers, you get a great mouse that will cater for all your needs.