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Logitech DiNovo Mini review

Fancy owning a full keyboard and mouse that fits into your hand?

When you open the clam shall-style lid, the keypad is bathed in a luxurious orange light, making typing easy even when the lights are off

Our Verdict

A unique and attractive keyboard, but may be too awkwardly laid out for some


  • Stylish design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Responsive and comfortable to use


  • Some may find the layout frustrating

When choosing a media centre keyboard and mouse, then size is one of the key choices that needs to be addressed.

If you don't want to blot your living room with a full-size keyboard and mouse then the DiNovo Mini is ideal. Somehow Logitech has crammed a full QWERTY keyboard and track pad mouse into something which resembles a personal organiser from the 80s.

A luxurious keyboard

The DiNovo Mini connects via Bluetooth, and enjoys seamless response. The track pad is wonderfully sensitive and never leaves you feeling frustrated. Movement using the DiNovo is made even more diverse by the presence of a switch, which turns the mouse pad into a four-way D-Pad - perfect for navigating windows without the need for a mouse.

Then you open the clam shell-style lid. The keypad is bathed in a luxurious orange light, making typing easy even when the lights are off, and switches off automatically when you close the lid.

There's a full range of hot keys for media playback, and a Windows key for easy Windows navigation.

Frustrating layout

Users who like to surf the Internet and use their media PC for the very basics of living room entertainment will be constantly astounded by the Mini's versatility, despite its size. However, for those who use their media PC as a standard computer the calculator-style buttons are merely a frustration.

Writing a short email using the Mini was enough to confirm that quick and easy typing is a far-off dream, and those users and would be much better served by the Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 7000.