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MSI Digivox Duo review

There's a lot packed into this small TV tuner

Digivox Duo
Digivox Duo

Our Verdict

A great TV package for your PC, which provides great value for your money


  • Good software package
  • Easy to use
  • Offers hi-def content


  • Supplied aerial too small

Consisting of a USB port at one end and a DVB-T antenna port at the other, this device offers access to Freeview channels as well as current analogue content. It also offers support for high-definition TV.

This is the first budget dual-view tuner we've seen that allows you to watch two programmes side by side, or record one while watching the other.

Easy to use

We found it worked well with image quality more than acceptable. Of course, this is dependent on the aerial you use. The one supplied is too small for regular use.

Shipped with Goya Base and Arcsoft Total Media software, you can watch programmes and run video, as well as access other media.

We like the Digivox Duo, as it's easy to set up and run, and comes with fully featured software.