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Gigabyte Poseidon 310 review

A perfect case for a budget build

We reckon the Poseidon case has the look of Darth Vader's fridge about it

Our Verdict

A good looking and sturdy case, but it's hardly as remarkable as Gigabyte claim


  • Imposing styling
  • Good price
  • Robust build


  • Can be tough to drives in to the drive bays

There's a statement on the Poseidon's box that says it's 'not just a case'.

I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting - maybe Poseidon himself would come leaping out of the box and running around the office, trident aloft?

Sinister-looking case

It's not a bad-looking case, a bit like Darth Vader's fridge, with a nice, heavy, brushed-aluminium front door and a mildly sinister lighting system.

It has an interchangeable side panel, which can be switched between metal gauze for cooling and a perspex window for gazing at the pretty lights within.

The case also includes a 9in back fan with some of the aforementioned pretty lights, and there's an additional fan at the front to blow cool air over hard disks and maintain front-to-back throughflow.

Flimsy components

The only downsides are the drive bays, which use rather flimsy metal teeth on one side of the drive to lock it into place.

I couldn't get a 3.5in hard disk to lock in at all, and after a bit of wriggling our DVD drives popped out too. But still, it took a fair bit of wriggling...

So the Poseidon is actually just a case, and the box is essentially lying to us. For a mid-priced case, though, it's remarkably solid, and perfect for a budget build.

Just don't expect any surprises. Or Greek sea gods.