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Zoostorm 3390-2012/A review

The Zoostorm 3390-2012/A offers some great technology for a competitive price

Zoostorm 3390-2012/A
Fast, but let down by a tiny hard drive


  • Good performance
  • SSD offers good speed
  • Decent build quality


  • Small amount of flex in chassis
  • Limited storage space
  • Integrated graphics

The Zoostorm 3390-2012/A is a good looking laptop, with a subtly lined black and grey chassis. While it's certainly not the thinnest laptop we've seen – the new MacBook Air can sleep easy in that department – it's not bulky either, and it's perfectly easy to carry around.

The laptop's chassis does feel slightly cheap and brittle, lacking the sturdiness of the Sony VAIO S Series VPCSB1V9E's build quality.

As we've seen with other laptops, the inclusion of Intel's second-generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors gives them a big power advantage. The Zoostorm is no exception, and the model we tested comes with an Intel Core i3-2310 2.10GHz processor.

Backed up by 4GB of DDR3 RAM, this makes the Zoostorm 3390-2012/A a fast and responsive laptop that's excellent at multitasking. Boosting performance even further is the inclusion of a solid state drive that drastically cuts down the time it takes for the laptop to boot into Windows 7.

Microsoft has designed its OS to take advantage of SSD technology, and this is evident in its sheer speed. The technology comes at a premium though, and the model we reviewed – which costs £479 – comes with only 64GB of storage. With Windows 7 Home Premium and the default programs installed there's only 34GB of hard drive space left. If you need more then you'll need to either use an external hard drive or opt for the 128GB model, which costs £549.

The only area where the Zoostorm 3390-2012/A is let down by its hardware is in the graphics department. Whilst the onboard graphics that come with second Intel Core processors is perfectly capable, it can't compete with laptops that have dedicated GPUs. The Zoostorm's 3DMark score was 7,564, compared with the Sony VAIO S Series' 12,230.

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