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Rock Pegasus 335 review

Rock takes a break from gaming

Our Verdict

A good mix of power, performance and portability that's easy for us to recommend


  • Impressive power

    Comfortable to use


  • Poor battery life

Based in the UK, Rock is best known for its gaming laptops. However, with its high performance, stunning screen and impressive extras, the Rock Pegasus 335 (£999 inc. VAT) is a well-specified and reliable laptop for the mobile worker.

Weighing 2.2kg, this isn't quite an ultraportable, but it's small enough for long-term travel. We found the chassis comfortable to carry, but its 72-minute battery life negates the lightweight mobility.

The keyboard is wide, well-spaced and responsive and proved to be pleasant to use. The touchpad and mouse buttons are equally usable, and makes the Rock comfortable to use.

Impressive performance is provided by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Offering dual-core power, we were able to multi- task with ease. Even when simultaneously writing an email, playing MP3s and scanning for spyware, the Rock showed strong performance and speed.

Integrated graphics

With its integrated Intel graphics card, 3D performance is as poor as most of its corporate laptop rivals. Inevitable for such a small laptop, you can watch DVDs and play basic games such as chess and solitaire, but high-performance 3D gaming is not possible.

Offering some of the best images we've seen on a portable laptop, the 13.3-inch screen is stunning. Colourful and bright, photos and videos are shown to their best potential. With a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, you can work on multiple documents simultaneously.

Despite its size, storage space is comprehensive. Large amounts of work, photos and music can be carried and its 100GB hard drive won't be quickly filled. A DVD rewriter drive lets you record data to CD and DVD, but it lacks the dual-layer support of its rivals.

A particularly nice touch are the extras included in the price. A built-in DVB-T TV tuner lets you watch digital broadcasts on your travels. This is also one of few laptops in this class that come with Microsoft Works software, to provide basic tools for the home office.

Rounding out the features, high-speed wireless and fixed networks can be set up using integrated 802.11a/b/g Wi-fi and Gigabit Ethernet. Wireless hotpots can be accessed in the UK and abroad and large data files can be shared over compatible home and office networks.

Against much bigger names, the Rock Pegasus 335 surprised us with its impressive power, high-quality and strong features. While the battery life is poor and suited only to short journeys, this is a great portable system that we can highly recommend.