Samsung UE48H6400 review

A great all-round TV for a very attractive price

Samsung UE48H6400

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The UE48H6400 sees the new penchant for direct LED-backlit LCD panels pay off handsomely, with the great black levels and contrast the highlights on this fast-working 48-incher. Voice interaction, however, is poorly executed and intrusive.

We liked

A good value all-rounder with a huge and highly capable direct LED-backlit LCD screen, the UE48H6400 impresses with Full HD detail from Blu-ray, plenty of contrast, lusciously deep black levels and bright colours. Freeview HD looks excellent – both HD and lesser quality channels – while smart TV is well ordered and app-happy. Quad core processing brings speedy navigation while active shutter 3D pictures are the best yet. The secondary, touch-sensitive remote is at last worth trying not to lose down the side of the sofa.

We disliked

The main disappointments on the UE48H6400 are an unwatchable Football Mode, some ill-judged picture presets and the S-Recommendation system's voice control, which is inaccurate and intrusive. It gets too many requests wrong, and besides, there's actually not many things the UE48H6400 can take voice requests for. With limited language skills, the habit of producing YouTube videos relating to nothing in particular can get annoying – and it spoils an otherwise clean interface. 'Missing' apps for the BBC iPlayer, Demand Five and BBC Sport are a cause for concern, too, though we're sure that will be made good soon.


A quad core processor, intense detail and fantastic blacks levels make the first-ever 48-inch TV we've reviewed a winner.

A fine example of a direct LED-backlit LCD TV, the UE48H6400 has contrast and black levels to spare, while both upscaling and smart TV impress, too.

Samsung 3D will presumably add the missing apps on its smart TV platform as quickly as it can, but the lack of the BBC iPlayer, Demand Five and BBC Sport apps at launch is a lesson in what to do with a brand new TV launched in Spring; leave it in the shop until late summer, that's what.

Also consider

The UE48H6400's main worry is the Sony W8 series, which has smart TV and picture processing that's just as impressive, though it uses the less detailed passive rather than active shutter 3D glasses. On the horizon is Panasonic's AS740 Series, which could also challenge the UE48H6400.

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