• Stellar 2D pictures
  • Sumptuous design
  • Terrific sound quality
  • Massive feature list
  • Excellent multimedia tools


  • Complicated to use
  • Not cheap for a 46-inch TV
  • Crosstalk noise compared to plasma

After making a passable 3D debut Philips has set its sights on something rather more refined.

The 46PFL9705H is the largest screen in the Dutch brand's flagship 9000 TV series after the incredible 58-inch Philips Cinema 21:9 Platinum and is bristling with technology designed to get really stuck into the crosstalk problem that's so far blighted 3D LCD.

The 3D capabilities represent only a small fraction of the 46PFL9705H's features: it's stuffed to bursting point with multimedia tools, including open internet browsing.

It's equipped with a version of Philips' all-conquering processing engine, Perfect Pixel HD that has been optimised for use with the set's locally dimmed direct LED backlight.

Philips' step-down 3D TVs, the PFL8605 series (including the 40PFL8605H), use edge LED lighting and feature a very different design approach. If you're not fussed about 3D, you can drop down one more rung to the (still LED-backlit) PFL7605H series.