SoundMAGIC PL30 headphones

A good set of headphones as long as you like pop

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Our Verdict

A light, trebly sound, but not very heavy on the bass


  • Good midrange and high frequency
  • Good accessory kit


  • Not very deep bass
  • Noise cancelling isn't that great

With cables that fit behind and over the ear, the SoundMAGIC's PL30s are pretty comfy, though their sound isolation isn't so complete.

Accessories include different sized tips, a case, a cable tidy and a clothes clip. Overall, the sound quality is fine, with clear detail.

There's a knob on each earbud to switch from 'clear bass' to 'deep bass', but the effect is negligible.

Bass isn't a strong point, so we wouldn't recommend it for rock, but its midrange is ideal for pop.

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