sharp t2

The eight-day EPG is well presented in blues and grey hi-res graphics. The grid format is simple to read, containing eight channels across two hours of programming. Skipping around the schedules proves a breeze, though it's not the fastest in town.

Recordings can be made from the EPG simply; hit the record button on any present or future programme and the box gives you a choice to either record once, or set a series link (if available).

It's even possible to set the box to display how long its left on the hard drive in a number of useful ways; percentage of space left, or in hours for either SD or HD recordings. You can even set to box to ask whether you want to record in HD or SD when you choose to record from, say, BBC HD.

A Library shortcut from the remote brings up a list of recordings; hover over one and various options are provided to play a preview in a small screen in the corner, delete, password-protect, or play each recording.

Once playing, recordings can be skipped through at up to 64x speed, while even the chapter skip button can be configured to jump backwards or forwards from in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60-second chunks. As well as making recordings, the TU-T2HR32 can also pause (for either one or two hours) and rewind live TV.

These features are easy to control from the remote, though it's a basic and flimsy unit that suffers from overly small controls.