sharp t2

The TU-T2HR32 produces excellent hi-def pictures from the key Freeview HD channels; a blast of the European Championships from Barcelona on BBC HD provide plenty of detail, colour and contrast, with recordings identical to the original broadcasts.

As well as testing it on a Full HD 1080p set, we also fed the TU-T2HR32 into a standard HD Ready plasma. Set the box to output at 1080i and both onscreen menus and live HD channels (even though they're broadcast in 1080i) do lose their edge; if your HD Ready TV can accept a 1080p signal, it's the best option.

Switch to SD channels and the TU-T2HR32 does a decent job at upscaling the picture, though a sheen of dotty picture noise is faintly evident. Edges remain taught though, and both colour and contrast remain intact.