ADB i-CAN Easy HD 2851T review

The first Freeview HD box to offer BBC iPlayer access

ADB i-CAN Easy HD 2851T
The BBC iPlayer integration is top notch, allowing you to stream HD content at a push of a button

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Scanning though iPlayer's highlights is a gradual process, but otherwise the interface is relatively quick. It's all very familiar – you'll find the 'Home', 'TV', 'Radio' and 'Search' tabs up top – but what's impressive is the layout.

Large fonts and the pink, white and black graphics make for a breezy and classy interface that any idiot could use.

i-CAN easy hd 2851t iplayer interface

The best news, however, is that the i-CAN supports not just iPlayer, but iPlayer HD: choose BBC HD from its channel icons and you're presented with a list of all the high-definition programmes that have graced the BBC HD channel in the past week, as well as the usual 'most popular' tag.

i-CAN easy hd 2851t iplayer parental controls

The picture quality is decent, but not a patch on the live HD TV channels from the Freeview HD tuner; we know that on-demand HD material via the iPlayer is downscaled somewhat, and it shows – motion can cause the picture to stutter while there's a jot less detail than we'd like.

i-CAN easy hd 2851t iplayer program

The iPlayer icon is, at present, all alone on the receiver's native 'interactive TV' menu, so expect more services in future – we're thinking ITV Player, 4OD and Sky Player.

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