If it looks like a terrific product to you, the i-CAN is just that – but there are cracks. At this price, they're bound to be and for the money we think the i-CAN is something quite special.

We liked:

The separate interfaces for both the i-CAN's Freeview HD tuner and the BBC iPlayer are terrific – brilliantly designed and colourful, easy to use and impossible to dislike.

The option to play on-demand material from BBC HD via the iPlayer is hard to argue with at this price, while hi-def channels on Freeview HD have never looked better.

A Common Interface slot boost the i-CAN's versatility still further.

We disliked:

Intuitive though they are, the menus for iPlayer can be stodgy and the rudimentary remote, with its small buttons, doesn't help.

i CAN easy hd 2851t remote

There are also question marks over the Freeview HD tuner's sensitivity, while standard definition channels on Freeview often look very average – the i-CAN could do with some decent upscaling circuitry.


Marred by Freeview picture quality, the i-CAN nevertheless makes a strong candidate for anyone wanting to upgrade their living room ahead of the World Cup. Sparkling HD channels are impressive, while the ability to watch iPlayer content at the touch of just a few buttons could prove irresistible to some.

OK, so it's got a few glitches, but with HD quality, interactive services and the promise of future upgrades, we think the unique i-CAN is on sale at a very competitive price.

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