Don't buy a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, there's much better value to be found in a different Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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If, like me, you're thinking about getting yourself a Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, or S24 Ultra, but can't decide which one to go for, you wouldn't be alone in gravitating towards a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (do go and take a look at our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review for our full verdict on this large Android phone. However, with this new range of flagship Samsung devices, the best smartphone deal might be found in a less traditional spot. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 preorders have left many users with one key debate – where can you find the most premium, flagship experience, while making use of the impressive preorder offers to save as much money as possible? This year, the answer, from what we can see, is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Sitting as the proud middleman of the Samsung Galaxy S24 range, you might be perplexed as to why this option is our ideal choice for those looking to pick their phone up early. To be honest, this wasn't the phone I was expecting to buy either, the last Plus model S series I owned being the reason I made the jump to the Ultra the very next year. But with some of this year's improvements, the choice is one of the clearest we've seen in years.

A long time ago, in a (Samsung) galaxy far far away...

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

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In iterations of the past, the Samsung Galaxy Plus model has been easily disregarded, and with good reason. If you look at the models released since the S8 Plus, back in 2017, there have been few, if any, significant benefits given to the middle child of the Samsung Galaxy range, with the S8 Plus even being noticeably worse than its smaller option, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The models following showed signs of improvement, but with little in the way of true appeal. The S9 Plus was the entry point for Samsung DeX at the time, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus introduced depth sensors to the selfie camera, as well as moving to the ever-enticing ceramic back design. The S20, S21, S22, and S23 Plus variants, meanwhile, all tried their hand at making themselves more appealing, but without ever featuring any standout reasons to make the jump. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, Samsung seems to have learned its lesson. 

A new hope for the future

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With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra, there were always going to be questions raised about which model is best for the majority of people, especially with phone prices steadily rising during a cost-of-living crisis. Rather unexpectedly, it seems the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus has finally stepped up to the plate. 

Finally gaining some notable improvements, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus has found its place among one of the most difficult Samsung Galaxy ranges to stand out from, with some seriously well-thought-out improvements over the standard Samsung Galaxy S24. 

With the focus of the new range being AI – as with all things right now – the S24 Plus offers not only the usual improved battery life we would expect with this model, but also improved RAM offerings to help with processing some of Samsung's new AI functionalities faster, and for longer. Alongside this, the S24 Plus' larger display has finally been given the treatment it deserves, with the display resolution upgrading to QHD+, rather than the FHD+ options present on the standard S24. 

Aside from this, the improvements to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus are minor, but appreciable. As ever the device uses 45W wired charging, which still provides a step up from the, now-improved, wired charging of the standard S24, sitting at only 25W. For those who are keen to have as small a bezel as possible, the S24 Plus also has a 91.6% screen-to-body ratio, a 4% improvement over its predecessor, making the visual experience of the device arguably better than even that of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. 


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You must choose

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With the current array of Samsung Galaxy S24 preorder deals available, choosing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is, in all honesty, one of the smarter choices currently available. 

With Samsung's double storage upgrade option, you can get your hands on a 512GB, 12GB RAM Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, for $120 / £100 less than you would usually expect to pay. Choosing this gives you access to the 12GB RAM option – which isn't available on the standard Samsung Galaxy S24 at 512GB – with the added benefit of an improved, and larger, display, a bigger battery, and improved charging. 

In the US, if you preorder the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus at Best Buy, you can also access an instant $100 gift card to spend on whatever you choose, although a good shout could be grabbing a discounted Galaxy Watch 6 or Galaxy Buds 2 Pro to boost your experience.

In the UK, preordering the Samsung Galaxy S24 via Samsung gives you access to a 30% discount on Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Samsung cases for your new device, as well as 12 months of free Disney Plus and £30 of Galaxy Store credit to help you make the most of your new Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus. 

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