Bargain alert: get a 256GB Google Pixel 8 with a pair of Pixel Buds Pro for just £669

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The Google Pixel 8 was already fantastic value when Amazon cut the price of unlocked devices down to just £584.99 the other day, but we've just spotted a deal that's arguably even better.

For a limited time only, you'll be able to get an upgraded 256GB capacity Pixel 8 and a pair of Google Pixel Buds Pro for just £669.99 - which equates to an almost £300 saving versus the full retail price for each product. Considering this is only £80 more than the standalone 128GB Pixel 8 right now, we'd say this is a great bargain.

The Pixel Buds Pro themselves are basically free here, but the real selling point of the deal is arguably the upgraded storage. Not only are you getting more space for all your files and content, but the device itself will be worth more down the line should you want to trade it in. That said, the Pixel Buds aren't a basic freebie as they cost £134 by themselves right now at Amazon - and they're a decent pair of earbuds.

Google Pixel 8 deal at Amazon

Google Pixel 8 (256GB) + Google Pixel Buds Pro£958now £669.99 at Amazon

Google Pixel 8 (256GB) + Google Pixel Buds Pro: was £958 now £669.99 at Amazon
This absolute bargain Pixel 8 deal at Amazon gives you an upgraded 256GB phone and a pair of awesome wireless earbuds for barely more than the cost of a 128GB device by itself right now. That's outstanding value and easily the best-unlocked deal yet on this latest flagship. Even if the Buds Pro aren't the best wireless buds out there right now, they're a great pairing with the Pixel - and you're getting more or less getting them on the house right now.

Check out our Google Pixel 8 review if you're interested in a full rundown of this excellent Android flagship. It's well worth reading our full thoughts on the device but long story short - it's an awesome piece of kit with a gorgeous design, 120Hz display, and top-notch camera that focuses on clever AI-assisted tricks. Toe to toe, its Tensor 3 chipset doesn't quite match the latest Galaxy S24 or iPhone 15 when it comes to outright power, but it's still more than enough to zip through all your daily tasks.

While you're here, you can also check out our Google Pixel Buds Pro review if you're weighing up whether this deal is worth it or not. Our overall thoughts on these buds are that they're not the best out there right now - particularly when it comes to sound quality - but they do feature outstanding battery life and decent active noise cancellation. They're also a great pairing with the Pixel 8 thanks to their support for Google Assistant and touch controls. 

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