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NAVICORE for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet review

Access the internet with this handheld device

Our Verdict

A handy device for mobile internet


  • Flash upgradeable core software

    High-resolution screen

    Small handheld format


  • GPS capability not built in

Nokia's Internet Tablet 770 has been a surprising success for the company. The Flash upgradeable core software and high-resolution screen within a small handheld format make it a handy device for mobile internet. You'll also find instant messaging, email support, web-browsing, internet radio and more.

Navicore has announced its Navicore Personal is to be available for the 770, both as a bundle sold with the 770, and as an add-on. You'll need a Bluetooth GPS antenna, as the 770 Internet Tablet doesn't have GPS capability built in, but that comes as part of the deal.

A key advantage, says Navicore, of using their software with the Nokia 770 lies in that device's internet capability - you'll be able to link straight into internet services direct from a map.