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WIN! A Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor

Even the most green-fingered of us constantly wonder whether we're tending to our plants' needs effectively.

Well, worry no longer by bagging yourself one of three Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensors, giving you unfettered access to the inner longings of your shrubbery.

These sensors, winner of the 2012 red dot design award, translate your plants needs directly to your iPhone (or e-mail if you use the Web App) to give easy information on multiple houseplants at once.

The Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is placed in the soil of any pot plant to monitor the key vitality parameters of a plant: soil moisture, temperature and light intensity.

From clouds to plants to clouds again

Using a built-in Wi-Fi module, the data is sent to the Koubachi Cloud, where it is analysed based on scientific care models developed in cooperation with leading biologists.

The plant owner is then provided with detailed instructions via the Koubachi iPhone App or Web App, to show how and when to care for your beloved plants. One Koubachi Wi-Fi sensor can be used to monitor and set up alerts for all your household plants.

When inserted in a plant's pot, the plant owner is provided with detailed care instructions regarding watering, light, temperature and even the level of misting required… all with its own alert system.

The prize also includes a lifelong free subscription to the Koubachi system, including regular updates of the Apps (new features) and the plant library (new plants).

This competition is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly.

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