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How to answer your mobile through a tattoo

Weird concept of the day: imagine answering your mobile phone by pressing an area of your skin. No, this isn’t some weird cyborg-type movie scenario, but one of the entries in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

The Digital Tattoo Interface works via a Bluetooth device implanted underneath your skin. Don’t worry, you won’t have anything bulging out like a weird growth – the chip is flat, flexible and made of silicone. It lies between your skin and muscle tissue.

Touchscreen tattoo

The surface of the implant is covered by a pixel matrix that is matched up by an identical matrix tattooed onto your skin on top. The tattoo is in fact a touchscreen control and instead of ink, tiny clusters of microscopic spheres are injected, like tattoo ink, into the skin.

The chip is powered through the same electrical currents that power all other biological components in the body.

When your mobile rings you simply press the tattoo, which starts to display an image of the mobile phone screen on your arm. Pressing a button on your arm answers the call and, when you’re on a call, the caller will be displayed as a digital video on the tattoo area. When you finish the call, the tattoo disappears.

The wireless device can also be used for health purposes – it continually monitors for many blood disorders, alerting you if there's a problem.