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Huawei's smartwatch may actually be cheaper than the Apple Watch

The Huawei Watch
Here's the Huawei Watch, but what will it cost?

Let's make no bones about it: we like the look of the new Huawei Watch. What we're less certain about is how much it will cost, and previous rumours have suggested that the device might come with a heavy price tag attached.

Our fears have been somewhat allayed by a price list leak from Germany. The unverified screen grabs put the gold edition of the watch at €399 (roughly £280, $370, AU$555) and the black and silver editions at €349 (around £245, $420, AU$485) while the release date is apparently pegged for April 15.

In other words, cheaper than the premium watches unveiled by Apple and LG in recent months, at least as far as the UK is concerned - we'll have to wait and see how those Euros translate outside of Germany.

Not so fast

Temporary price placeholders or the real deal? We spoke to a Huawei spokesperson, who wouldn't confirm the pricing leak but did offer up some news about the watch's availability.

"We do not have confirmed pricing at the moment," the spokesperson told us. "The Watch will not be released until later in the year, so there will not be an April release date for the watch in the UK."

But what about the rest of Europe and that April 15 date? All Huawei is saying for now is "April 15 is all about the P8 for us. We believe that as per the conference, the Watch will not launch in April and will launch later in the year."

Meanwhile, there have also been strong rumours linking the Chinese firm to the next Nexus phone.