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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may have solved the Galaxy S8's fingerprint problem

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is expected to launch in the coming months and while some had expected the phone to launch with a fingerprint sensor under the screen, we now know that won't be happening.

A Samsung executive has already confirmed the tech won't debut on the Note 8, and a new CAD render from CEO of case manufacturer Slickwraps suggests the sensor may still sit on the back of the phone.

It’s likely the render above isn't a finalized representation of the phone, hence the strange grey color and lack of definition on the camera and fingerprint sensor, but it shows what the body will look like and confirms the fingerprint sensor will sit on the back of the phone.

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Some Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners had a problem with the placement of the sensor on the last flagship phone as you sometimes smudged the camera instead.

The new render suggests it has moved further from the camera on the rear of the Note 8 to try and stop that issue.

We don’t know for certain if this is what the final design of the phone will look like, but it matches previous renders we’ve seen as well as coming from a source that will likely see early renders of the device.

Via Phone Arena

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