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Tiny iPod shuffle speakers missing the point

It may be small and cute, but does the Cuby have a purpose?

Unless they bring something really special to the table, it has to be asked why gadget makers persist in making speakers for devices as tiny at the latest iPod accessories from Princeton Japan .

The ¥3,980 (£16) Cuby speakers are so small they actually fit right in alongside the 2G iPod shuffle they dock with. As you might surmise, the Cuby's two 28mm-diameter cones output next to nothing - just 0.5W each in fact.

Docking and charging

A set of three AA batteries will power the 95g Cuby for five hours, although connect it to a PC's USB port for transferring files to the shuffle and it'll draw power that way instead while the 'pod charges.

If you count the Cuby's ability to store the USB cable in its underside as a special feature, then maybe it passes muster, otherwise we'll just plain pass, thanks.