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STD test results delivered by SMS

Hi - you've got chlamydia

Britain's love affair with mobile phone text messaging has reached such profound levels it's even being used to help young people protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

London's Hounslow NHS has just launched a scheme whereby residents between 16 and 24 years old can receive STD test results by SMS.

Old-fashioned ways too

Users of the service have to first request a chlamydia self-test kit online and send in their samples, of course, but results can be sent by text message, in a letter or through a phone call.

Even though the free service is being offered to almost 20,000 people, each response is made by a human, not an automatic system.

A spokesperson explained: "We are not expecting that volume of people to respond and the texting service is not being automated. Someone will be responsible for answering and receiving the texts."