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Nokia Windows Phone 7 announcement coming on 11 Feb?

Is Nokia considering Windows Phone 7? We'll find out on 11 Feb
Is Nokia considering Windows Phone 7? We'll find out on 11 Feb

Nokia could be about to reveal plans to get behind Windows Phone 7 on 11 Feb.

New CEO Stephen Elop is set to talk to investors in London and is planning a major announcement for the speech ahead of Mobile World Congress 2011.

Describing the announcement as 'strategic', we're crossing our fingers and toes and hoping Nokia is going to take a punt on Windows Phone 7.

Symbian issues

Nokia's OS of choice is Symbian and, while not without its charms, the software has struggled to compete against the likes of Android and iOS.

After Elop's comments that Nokia must "build, capitalise and/or join a competitive ecosystem" last week, speculation that the company will get behind Android or Windows Phone has been rife.

The New York Times reports that Nokia's shares have seen a gentle increase thanks to the rumours of a Microsoft software alliance.

Elop himself joined Nokia from Microsoft – maybe he's missing the old gang. Either way, building hardware for a proven OS could be the answer to Nokia's problems; we'll bring you the news as it breaks.

Via Venture Beat