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Nokia MeeGo superphone on its way to MWC?

Will we see a MeeGo superphone from Nokia soon?
Will we see a MeeGo superphone from Nokia soon?

A bug report may have let the Nokia superphone out of the MeeGo bag, thanks to a list of hardware specifications gleaned from the document.

The bug report references a 1.6GHz processor (Intel made, of course), a NFC chip, 480 x 854 pixel resolution screen and high-speed HSPA+ data.

Chips relating to an accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are also mentioned in the report.


We recently saw some fuzzy shots of a Nokia tablet running MeeGo, although we'd wager these specs come from a smartphone rather than a slate device.

Given that it's been over six months since Nokia and Intel announced their partnership, it's a definite possibility that we'll see the fruits of Nokia's MeeGo labours announced at Mobile World Congress 2011.

Let's hope we'll be seeing something – anything – vaguely exciting from Nokia in Barcelona; a glimpse of a MeeGo superphone would do quite nicely.

Via IntoMobile