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Nokia Lumia 800 battery issue fix imminent

Nokia Lumia 800 battery issue fix imminent
Better late than never Nokia

For all you long suffering Nokia Lumia 800 owners out there, the end of the fast drain battery issue could be in sight, along with fixes for a number of other bugs as well.

The Lumia 800 was Nokia's first handset to sport the Windows Phone operating system after its huge deal with Microsoft. It certainly isn't a bad phone, as our Nokia Lumia 800 review found, but users have reported a number of bugs since its launch – with a lot focussing around the poor battery life.

MobileTechWorld has revealed that it's been testing the latest firmware upgrade for the Lumia 800, which addresses a number of issues including the fast battery drain.

But wait, there's more

Other creases which the update irons out include the lack of audio bass, auto-white balance issues with the camera app, hardware button backlight brightness and an improved diagnostics app.

The report suggests the new firmware provides even more fixes on top of the ones we've already listed, but did not disclose what the rest may be.

There is no hint as to when the firmware will be pushed out to consumers, so Lumia 800 owners hold tight and keep checking TechRadar for the latest.

From MobileTechWorld