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Nokia announces 6710 Navigator / 6720 Classic

Nokia is making sure that you will never find yourself lost ever again, with its newest phone – the 6710 Navigator.

The 6710 is the latest in a long line of GPS-enable handsets from Nokia, but the Navigator takes the idea of phone navigation and turns it up to 11.

Not only has the handset got dedicated navigation keys, walk and drive mode satnav, access to Nokia Maps 3.0 and Maps on Ovi, it manages to pack both HSDPA and Wi-Fi into its sliding chassis.

If that's not all, the 6710 comes equipped with a 5MP camera, a 2.6in QVGA screen to view your snaps on and 16GB SD support.

6720 Classic

Nokia has also introduced, the 6720 Classic. Why is it a 'classic'? Nokia has cleverly given the phone this moniker as it is "a traditional candybar phone that excels in all areas".

Like the Navigator, the 6720's onus is very much on navigation, with GPS features, a compass and Nokia Maps 3.0.

There's also active noise cancellation, so voice calls should be clearer. Yes, that's right, the 6720 is a phone as well as a map-reading device. Crazy, we know!

The Nokia 6720 Classic and 6710 Navigator will be available Q2 and Q3 respectively, with the 6720 costing $315 (£220) and the 6710's price to be announced.