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LG announces new Chocolate BL40 phone

The new Chocolate from LG officially unveiled
The new Chocolate from LG officially unveiled

After numerous leaks about the new Chocolate handset from LG, the company has finally admitted that the new BL40 is real.

It's been predictably sketchy on the details, but given the pictures and model number have all been confirmed, we can assume the rest of the stats we've gleaned from internet moles are also true.

That means a 4-inch full 21:9 VGA screen with a novel 800x345 display, for crisp video viewing without the bars above and below the movie.

Those that have got all excited over Philips' 21:9 TV recently will know the difference a full cinematic resolution display can make, so LG is clearly setting up this device as a PMP replacement.

Snap happy

There's also likely to be a 5MP camera with LED flash on board, and LG has also confirmed the presence of a dual-screen UI, meaning you can essentially have two things running at once on the widescreen display.

"With the new LG Chocolate, LG has combined the latest in touchscreen technology with a new chic and slick design to meet consumer demand for HD content. This handset revolutionises the viewing experience on a mobile phone," says Jeremy Newing, head of marketing for LG Mobile UK and Ireland.

The S-Class UI, LG's proprietary interface, is back once again, but looks to have got an overhaul from its debut on the Arena, Viewty Smart and Crystal.

We'll apparently be seeing this puppy in our shops in September (although the first release stated it would be August), so fingers crossed for a review unit soon (especially after the phone has been snapped in the wild already).