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iPhone 6S Plus leak suggests Apple's next phone will be its toughest yet

iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are both coming later this year - we're expecting September - but until now we haven't seen much trace of either.

It's likely because the "S" iterations of the iPhone are usually visually similar to the normal model, but we've now got a glimpse at our first possible leak of the new bigger variant.

All the alleged images of the iPhone 6S Plus come from Future Supplier as a source but the site currently isn't working, so we've taken the the shots from French site NoWhereElse.

About time

The images include the new back panel that bares a strikingly similar design to the last model.

iPhone 6S Plus

There isn't much new to note, but the screw hole for the loud speaker is in a different position, so we can assume it'll be a different version on board this time around.

The switch in size may also be down to the rumoured addition of Force Touch for the first time on an iPhone or it could be something to do with the rumoured camera sensor improvements.

According to Future Supplier the housing feels quite a bit stronger than what we've seen before – remember BendGate? – so it's likely Apple has upgraded the material strength to try and avoid a repeat of last year.


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