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Google posts Voice calls for all to see

Google has apparently posted transcripts of Google Voice messages on the internet, complete with users' names and numbers.

The issue was raised by Boy Genius Report, which received a tip about a search term that would show off all this information when entered into the search box.

The messages shows the full transcript of the conversation, with the names of the person involved and the number the message was intended for, and Google has said it can see why this might annoy some users.

Publicly available

In fairness to the search engine, these were checked as publicly available by the users in question, and Google has told BGR it will be no longer making these publicly available:

"Since the initial idea behind posting a voicemail, was precisely to share it with others, we did not restrict crawling of those messages that users post on the web, but we can certainly understand that users would want to make them public on their sites but not necessarily searchable directly outside of their own website.

"We made a change to prevent those to be crawled so only the site owner can decide to index them."

The original search term now leads to 'Not Found message from Google's servers, so it's good to see the search provider is moving fast on issues like this.