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Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from
Will you go for maximum protection or maximum cool?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally landed with enough new features, including a brighter screen and an Xperia Z-rivalling camera, making it a worthy alternative to the iPhone 5 and the HTC One.

With a bigger 5-inch display to protect and a slender new design to keep scratch and dent-free, buying a nice cover for your Samsung Galaxy S4 will surely be one of the first things on your new phone to-do list, along with adding mum's number to your address book and setting up Facebook.

To help you with at least one of these tasks, we've picked the best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases to buy that will keep your handset in good nick.

1. BoxWave Tuxedo SuitUp - US$8 (around AU$8.50)

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

If you are on a tight case-buying budget this slim solution wraps itself around the sleek S4 body and, being made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), should provide careful smartphone handlers with enough protection. It also battles grease and fingerprints and gives all important access to speakers, cameras, charging port and the rest of those key areas you'd want to play with.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 Sports Armband - $15

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

If you are planning to put S Health and the host of S4 fitness accessories to the test, you can slap your 5-inch smartphone into this neoprene stretchable armband with an adjustable velcro strap that keeps it in place as you work out. A transparent screen cover means you can easily change the track or end the session.

3. Case-Mate Barely There - AU$19

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

If keeping the form factor slender is your number one priority, this hard shell polymer case fits on the back and sides of the S4 and features an interior lining to add to its overall resistance against drops. The lay flat bezel will help protect the screen when you lie it down on a table. It's available in white to complement your brightly hued handset, or alternatively in black or lipstick pink.

More info on the Case-Mate Barely There

4. Incipio Feather - $28

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

Adding just over 1mm of thickness, the ultra-strong polymer case made from Incipio's Plextonium materials should offer suitable defence while keeping your S4 looking svelte and pretty. Aside from its sleek and tough credentials, there's a microfibre cloth to buff up the display, plus a screen protector and video stand to watch high-definition movies and TV shows on the train.

5. Cygnett WorkMate Evolution - $35

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

The Australian case-maker has employed a triple layer of protection here, including a shock-absorbing silicone inner shell - with corners given particular impact-resistant attention. The textured finish means it should offer nice grip, and there's a screen protector to guard that 5-inch display up front.

6. Otterbox Commuter Series - $35

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

Offering two layers of protection without fattening up your S4, a polycarbonate outer and silicone inner will battle drops and scratches. If you want the display looked after, you can carefully apply the self-adhesive screen protector provided as a last line of smartphone defence, while the sleek surface makes it easier to slip it in and out of your pocket.

7. Incipio DualPro Shine - $33

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

Made with materials that won't affect signal reception, the brushed aluminium shell fits around the S4 back, adding just 2.4mm of thickness. Using a combination of Plextonium and a shock-absorbent silicone layer, it'll also fend off scratches and reduce the impact of a fateful drop.

8. Samsung Flip Cover - $35

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 case: 15 to choose from

When you clip this onto the rear of your S4, replacing the battery cover, the sleek official Samsung offering will guard the display from getting scratched or dirty. It'll add minimal bulk, enable you to take calls without having to flip open the case and is durable enough to take on everyday bumps and scratches.

9. STM Harbour 2 - $30

STM Harbour 2

Cradling your beloved Galaxy S4 in a dual density thermo polyurethane casing, the Harbour 2 from STM gives your phone a tough outer shell while gently caressing it thanks to the soft, intenal layer. A hinged design allows you to prop the phone up for hands-free viewing, and also gives easy access to the dock connection on the bottom of the phone.