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300 mobiles left in London cabs every day

£30m worth of electronics are left in the back of London cabs each year

Londoners have left 54,874 mobile phones in the back of taxis in the last six months.

That's according to a global study of taxi drivers in 11 major cities around the world. The figure adds up to more than 300 phones being left in the back of London cabs every single day.

And it's not just our mobile phones that we're leaving behind. In the same six month period, we also left 4,718 Pocket PCs, 3,179 laptops and over 900 USB thumb drives in the back of black taxis in London.

The value of these items adds up to roughly £15m - that's £30m worth of electronics being left in the back of London cabs each year.

The research was conducted by Pointec , a mobile security company. The results of the survey indicated a similar story in cities such as Sydney, Washington DC, Berlin and Munich.

However, Londoners still came out on top as being the most forgetful commuters in the world. Anna Lagerkvist