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Getting SMS texts on your iPad and Mac? Not until October

Apple continuity SMS
Because texting on just your phone isn't enough

Every time Apple has taken the stage lately the company's executives have spared more than a few beats to talk about "continuity" between iOS and OS X, but now it's been revealed that one of the concept's flagship features won't arrive until October.

That feature, of course, is the ability to receive and send SMS text messages on Mac OS X Yosemite devices and iPads, thereby continuing your conversation no matter what device you're on.

The feature has been available in betas of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, but it won't be ready for the masses when the new iOS version launches on September 17, Apple's own continuity hub says.

Although iOS 8 has a release date, OS X Yosemite still doesn't - not officially, at least, but it does seem as if the new Mac OS will arrive in September.

Here's my iPad, call me maybe

There are a number of other continuity features that will let iOS 8 and Yosemite devices interact, and according to Apple those will be available before October.

For example iOS 8 devices and Mac OS X Yosemite computers will be able to "Handoff" half-written messages, partially read websites, in-progress Maps routes, and a number of other app-specific bits seamlessly between one another.

And then there's the ability to make and receive calls using a Mac or iPad, or to use your iPhone as a wi-fi hotspot (about time).

And these features haven't been delayed into October, so maybe we'll see Yosemite this month after all.

Via 9 to 5 Mac