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NFC to be on one in five smartphones by 2014

Google Nexus S - with NFC
Google Nexus S - with NFC

One in five smartphones will have Near Field Communication (NFC) technology by 2014, according to the latest forecasts by Juniper Research.

Juniper Research's data suggests that the rapid adoption of NFC in smartphones, including the likes of the Google Nexus S, will see a step change in the market.

The forecast is that there will be 300 million NFC capable smartphones globally by 2014, with the UK, the US amongst the early adopter markets that will drive the growth, but France leading the way.

Hurdles ahead

"Juniper's market analysis highlighted that, although there are still hurdles ahead, NFC prospects have been boosted by the succession of mobile operator and device vendor announcements," said report author Howard Wilcox

"France is a case in point where operators expect to sell one million NFC devices this year."

North America is expected to account for half of all NFC smartphones by 2014, with Europe the second largest market.