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Mobile phones to get pro camera features

DSLR's: running scared of cameraphones?
DSLR's: running scared of cameraphones?

Sharp has decided that mobile phone cameras just haven't got enough megapixels, so bringing out a 12MP camera chip makes perfect sense.

While the news of a high-powered sensor might be nothing new, given Sony's announcement of a 12.25MP CMOS sensor last year, but that one's debuting in March.

This one's coming in February... that's a whole month earlier for all you calendar-haters out there.

High production

According to Know Your Mobile, at full capacity Sharp will be producing 300,000 of these darling sensors per month, and apparently they will offer the "highest performance in the industry".

Full production could be available from the end of the March, so expect next year's Christmas stocking to be filled with 12MP fun. Well, you'll probably only get one if you're lucky, and hopefully it will have a phone attached too.

There have been rumours of 12MP handsets from the likes of Sony Ericsson and Samsung for a while, so it seems those tales might finally be coming to fruition, which will be good news for those that subscribe to the theory that more megapixels = a better camera.