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Three unveils unlimited holiday data for £5 per day

Three unveils unlimited holiday data for £5 per day"
Money on your mind? Not on your mobile. In another land...

The days of pure fear when you switch on your mobile abroad are set to end, with Three's new plan for holiday-goers in Europe.

Under the new scheme Three is offering you the chance to get your hands on emails, Facebook updates and more (so, all the things you're supposed to escape from) across Europe all for £5 per day.

While tethering isn't included in the price, neither is a limit on the amount of data you can use… if only BBC iPlayer was available for free internationally, right?

No up-front

The only slightly sad thing is the fact you have activate the Euro Pass each day, instead of being able to plough £80-odd into your account ahead of the trip to get access to unlimited data for the whole excursion.

The offer is also only extended to those on monthly contracts, so the PAYG brigade is set to miss out - so, sorry to all of you trying to beat the recession and manage your cash.

It's a wise idea to check to make sure your destination is covered before travelling, which you can do at the dedicated Euro Pass page.

Otherwise, stream away – and wait for the inevitable ire from your other half telling you off: 'You never put that damn phone down. We're supposed to be on holiday!'

Gareth Beavis

Global Editor-in-Chief

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