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Marshall Major III Voice headphones get Google Assistant and 60 hours battery

wireless headphones
(Image credit: Marshall)

They may have a vintage design, but the new Marshall Major III Voice headphones are packing a lot of modern technology, with the smarts of Google Assistant built-in. 

The integration with Google Assistant means that you can press a dedicate button on the headphones, and "tell your Assistant to play your favorite playlist, read your text messages, or give you directions on the go". 

The upgraded wireless headphones are available to preorder for $169 / £149.99, which works out at around AU$250. While the new Marshall Major III Voice is being advertised on the Marshall Australia website, there doesn't seem to be any pricing information or option to preorder yet.

That's quite the increase compared to the original wired Major IIIs, which are available to buy from the official Marshall Headphones store for $79 / £69 (around AU$135). 

(Image credit: Marshall)

Rocking sound and double the battery

Besides Google Assistant integration, the Marshall Major III Voice will also offer up to 60 hours of wireless playtime on a single charge, which is more than double the battery life of the original Marshall Major III headphones. 

Like the originals, the new cans come with 40mm dynamic drivers, that provide a well-balanced, lively sound, and a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz. 

Design-wise, they feature the same faux-leather look of their predecessors, collapsible design, and rotatable cups that adapt to your head.