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LG G6 could be joined by G6 Compact at MWC 2017

It’s no secret that the LG G6 will launch at MWC 2017 at the end of February, but it may not be alone with a series of brand name registrations hinting at multiple variants of the flagship phone. 

Unearthed by, the leak shows eight different names all prefixed with ‘G6’ – with ‘G6 Compact’ and ‘G6 Lite’ suggesting a lower powered, cheaper handset could be on the cards for those unable, or unwilling to meet a flagship price tag. 

There isn’t any other information regarding these names, so potential specs are still very much up in the air and there’s always the chance these names never see the light of day and LG is just preventing similar names being used by rivals.

Not just phones?

While different variants of the G6 would hardly be a surprise - with G6 Prix, G6 Young and G6 Forte likely to be further range options - a couple of the other names that appear in this leak have got us thinking. 

Could LG also be about to launch a line of G6 branded wearables too? 

The ‘G6 Fit’ and ‘G6 Sense’ names sound like they’d be better suited to fitness trackers rather than smartphones. 

It's a popular market at the moment, and it would make sense for the South Korean firm to enter this arena as an off-shoot of its smartwatch division.

We’ll be reporting live from MWC 2017 in Barcelona at the end of the month to bring you all the latest from LG, as well as Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia and more.

John McCann

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