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First Project Morpheus game is basically an acid trip simulator

GNOG on Project Morpheus

Get ready to lose your mind. Sony today announced the first title that will use the PlayStation 4's Project Morpheus VR unit with a tentative release date of early 2016.

The game, called GNOG, according to its developers, "Started as a 2D platformer. Once we decided to work in 3D and focus on bringing the monster heads to life, though, we knew we were on to something special and intriguing."

What's even more "special and intriguing" is that GNOG comes from a small development team of four game designers and will be published by Tim Schafer's Double Fine studios.

An eclectic mix of exploration and puzzle solving, GNOG will have you flip faces of animals as you explore what I assume to be their inner psyches. Check out the trailer below:

  • Want some GNOG? You're going to need a PS4!
Nick Pino

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