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Spurious survey says 3% of UK PS3s were won in competitions

You've won a PS3 - all of you!
You've won a PS3 - all of you!

An 'independent' survey has come up with the frankly implausable PlayStation stat that three per cent of PS3 owners have won their console in a competition.

The survey – which was apparently an independent one commissioned by – was from an "opt-in database of over 1,000,000 people" and drew over 1,000 responses.

With 3 million PlayStation 3s in the UK, to believe the survey's finding that three per cent were lucky winners you would have to decide that 90,000 got their console through compos.

Other 'findings'

The survey's other findings were that only 24 per cent of people bought a new PS3, with 14 per cent getting it as a gift and 33 per cent getting the console second hand.

So, running that through our common-sense-o-meter you get less than 750,000 new PS3s and one million second hand consoles in our total of 3 million.

Oh, and of course 26 per cent (more than 750,000) got their PS3 with their phone contract.

Of course, when you start extrapolating small samples you have to be very careful – so trumpeting press releases should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

This press release in particular seems to come with its very own salt mine.