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Sony un-bricks PS3s with firmware update

Sony un-bricks PS3s with 4.46 firmware
Fun fact: PS3s aren't very good at being actual bricks.

Sony has released PS3 firmware update 4.46, which fixes the bricking issue that 4.45 caused for some gamers last week.

Sony announced on Twitter, via its PlayStation Europe account, that the new firmware was available to download. It also included a link to a step-by-step guide on how to install the new firmware on a bricked console.

Sony pulled the 4.45 firmware quickly after launch because of a number of panicked forum posters complained about their consoles freezing up, rendering them unusable..

Run of the mill, bric-a-brac, update

The original 4.45 update was released to give users the option to turn of trophy notifications and other small things.

But the unintended result was that some consoles were unable to boot up past the PS3 loading screen. Not all consoles were affected and there seems to be no distinction between older PS3s and the new slim version.

It's unclear how man people were affected but it was enough to cause a mini-storm on Twitter and for Sony to pull the firmware less than a week after launch. Sony, however, previously told us that it had received reports from only a small number of users.

Those affected will have to download the update onto their computer, transfer it onto a USB, and then boot up their PS3 in safe mode with the USB plugged in.

Via Videogamer