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Apple TV Plus is coming to Samsung's smart TVs

Samsung TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you've got a Samsung TV, and are interested in the new Apple TV Plus service but aren't bothered about buying an actual Apple TV unit - you're in luck.

Samsung announced during its IFA 2019 press conference that Apple's new platform will be rolling out to its smart TVs, meaning it's one of the first brands to announce support for TV Plus outside of Cupertino.

There wasn't a lot more info on the integration, although Samsung did confirm that TV Plus was going to work with Bixby, integrate into the Smart Guide on the TV and work over Airplay 2 as well - meaning easy streaming from an iPhone or iPad.

Enemies or friends?

That's an even deeper integration between two brands who are fierce rivals in the smartphone space - but Samsung is now one of the strongest third-party supporters of Apple's TV platforms.

It was one of the first to offer the Apple TV app on its devices, allowing iUsers to play their purchased iTunes films and TVs shows straight from the TV, and now that it's supporting Apple TV Plus it's going to be even deeper in that integration.

We're quite light on details about when this will be happening - Apple's TV Plus service isn't launching until later in 2019, so it might not happen until 2020 - but it seems certain that owners of (modern) Samsung TVs will be able to sign up for Apple's original content in the coming months.

(We're still waiting on a press release to definitively confirm that it's Apple TV Plus that's going to be landing on Samsung's smart TV platform, and not just a mistake uttered on stage).