Your Apple Watch may soon get a better accessory to monitor your glucose levels

Apple Watch 4
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Glucose monitoring on a smartwatch has been teased for years, but always falls short of being able to actually work. That debate is set to rumble on, but a key CEO has hinted that it's working with Apple to produce a monitor that works with its smartwatch.

This skill has been especially long rumored for the actual Apple Watch itself, but a company that creates glucose monitors has said it has an upcoming direct-to-Apple Watch version of a separate tracker in the works.

The CEO of Dexcom - a company that produces portable glucose monitors - has told CNBC that a partnership is coming, and "this tool is great for people with diabetes."

Dexcom already produces a device that connects with the Apple Watch over a transmitter, but the CEO's tease seemed to be for a different sort of device. It may be something that better utilizes the watchOS software directly, but we don't currently have any specific details.

Away from the Apple Watch, CEO of Dexcom, Kevin Sayer spoke of a future dedicated glucose tracker. 

He said, "It takes a CGM [continuous glucose monitor] and makes it much smaller. It really will be a device, we think, for the ages and a platform forever. It’s going to be wonderful.” 

If that functionality could be included on the Apple Watch without the need for a separate tracker, it could be yet another big health upgrade for the most popular smartwatch.

Better health

It's no secret that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, wants to leave a lasting mark on the healthcare industry and building the Apple Watch to be a rounded health device may be the company's best idea to do that.

With the introduction of an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor on the Apple Watch 4 and noise monitoring in watchOS 6, the device is already becoming a strong way of keeping an eye on your overall wellbeing.

We wouldn't expect a dedicated glucose monitor to appear on the Apple Watch 5, but it's something that may be possible on a future version of the watch.

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