You may want to uninstall the latest Windows 11 update - it could be slowing down your system

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Windows 11's latest update, KB5025239, is currently rolling out to users, as it's a mandatory security patch, but it looks like it's causing issues for some people. 

These problems differ from user to user, but a few pertinent ones stand out like File Explorer crashing, and even icons disappearing from the desktop. Windows Latest has compiled Reddit posts and emails received from their readers that report the issues users are having.

The reports from Windows Latest show multiple comments on their forums and emails from readers that confirmed performance issues, SSD speed issues, unresponsive desktop icons, and more that have halted users' normal everyday experience with their PCs.

The users noted on Windows Latest’s forum that the changes occurred shortly after installing the latest update.

Some users have even gone so far as to say that since installing the April 11 cumulative update, which was released as a mandatory security update, their devices have been running slower than usual. Apps, games and the operating system itself have been lagging, likely because of the slowed SSD speeds.

This is quite a shame as the Windows 11 update brought a few great features like a better-looking taskbar and improved accessibility features, so to see these dire performance issues crop up so quickly is very disappointing. 


Obviously, it seems, these snags with the update are not new and almost expected with every update, though they drastically nerf users' device performance and general workflow which makes this particular instance incredibly frustrating.

It’s hard to determine how many people might be affected by the update bug but a growing number of people seem to be running into this problem. It's possible to uninstall the update and resolve the issues.

If you’re experiencing the same problems outlined above you’re better off uninstalling the update until the bugs are addressed. Head over to your start menu, search for ‘Windows Update’ and from there view your update history and hit ‘uninstall update’.

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